The Peremptory Casey Davies

Chapter165 You Are My Idol

The owner of the game center was stunned after being slapped by Jax. He covered his face and looked at the Conor in disbelief.

"Is... is he Conor? Jax, did you get the wrong person?" the game center owner muttered.

Jax kicked on the belly of the game center owner again. Then the game center owner sat on the ground, clutching his belly and wailing.

"Are you fucking crazy? How can I not recognize my boss?"

Jax cursed, and quickly walked towards Conor and Fat Guy, and said respectfully, "Mr. Conor, I don't know you are here, and I don't know what's going on. I know this game center owner and often help him if needed. But if he provokes you, I will never be merciful to him!"

Alexander was even more surprised than the game center owner when he saw Jax's deference to Conor.

He looked at Conor cautiously and asked, "Are...are you Conor, the Emperor of The Underground World in J City?"

Fat Guy smiled and patted him on the shoulder, and said, "Who else could it be if it wasn't him? Not everyone dares to say that he is Conor in J City"

Alexander swallowed and started to admire Casey. He didn't expect that the two friends of Casey turned out to be characters that no one dared to provoke in the Underground World of J City.

No wonder only two people came here, but they still looked fearless. Conor could scare more than half of the people in J City.

Conor smiled at Alexander, then turned to look at Jax, and said, "Fat Guy won 30 million here just now. Add the three million Alexander lost, he had to pay us 28 million. You ask him for this money, and he can't pay a cent less."

Jax nodded immediately and said, "Mr. Conor, don't worry. I will send you the money tomorrow."

The owner of the game center sitting on the ground crawled over hurriedly and kowtowed his head at Conor, "Mr. Conor, I know I was wrong. Please forgive me. I really don't have 28 million."

"When you cheat others, have you considered whether they are able to pay the money? You can pay me your hands and feet if you don't have enough money," Conor said coldly.

forgive me. I won't do that anymore..." The game center owner

qualified to bargain with my boss? Hurry up and ask your men to raise money. Otherwise, I will cut

at Alexander and said, "The trouble has been solved,

in shock and nodded

back, the tone of Alexander talking to Conor and Fat Guy became more respectful. These two were the bigwigs of the Underground World in J City,

Hazelfield Estate, Alexander ran to the villa with a look of excitement. After entering the door, he saw Casey and

Casey asked, "Your trouble

and said, "Casey, I didn't expect that you still know

and motioned him not to say this in front

quickly changed his words, "Casey, you are so amazing. I didn't expect you to know

the matter with you? Didn't you make Casey all kinds

said, "Of course it's because Casey is so great. Edith, you are so lucky to find such a good husband. You have to take good care of Casey. Don't let him ran

words. According to Alexander's words, she

at Alexander and said, "Okay, stop it. Let me

stuck out his tongue and stopped

came down from the stairs and saw Casey watching TV. She frowned and said, "Casey, who allowed you to sit there and watch TV? Have you swept the floor? Have you washed the dishes? What qualifications do you have to

and said, "Auntie, you can't be

taken aback, and said quickly, "Alexander, don't take this wimp as an idol. He doesn't know anything but live off a woman. I ask him to do a housework, but he is so reluctant. What

stared, and said, "I'll do the housework. Don't scold Casey

swept the

in just a few days, and Edith was also

as you stay in my family, I


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