The Peremptory Casey Davies

Chapter 166 You Really Let Me Down

When Casey heard the Davies family in B City, he immediately guessed that Margaret should have done something.

That day he told Margaret to let her take back the gift from the Davies family. Margaret agreed. Casey thought Margaret would send someone over to ask for it. Now it seemed that she didn't want to make it too simple.

The Davies family was a large family, and everything about it was very pompous. Even if it just came to asked gifts back, it must be solemn.

Diana didn't tell Edith that Casey was from the Davies family in B City, so Edith didn't connect this matter to Casey.

She and Casey walked towards the inside, planning to show Francis the contract of Jiangma Building Materials Factory first.

Albie and Nyla watched Casey and Edith coming, and immediately greeted them with a sneer.

"Edith, how dare you come to Grandpa's place! Is it possible that you want Grandpa to dismiss you from the manager in front of so many people? If I were you, I would definitely make an apology when there was no one else." Nyla said with a smile.

From what she said, it seemed that she believed Edith had not solved the matter of Jiangma Building Materials Factory.

"Apologize? Why should I apologize? Did you know whether I have succeeded in the talks with Jiangma Building Materials Factory?" Edith said.

Albie sneered and said, "Of course we know. I had a talk with Director Grayson yesterday. Do you think he will give up the 10% price increase and choose the 10% price reduction?"

"Since you said you've negotiated, what about your contract?" Edith asked.

Albie was a little embarrassed. Yesterday he also wanted Grayson to sign the contract first, but he said that now the factory was under his son's name and it would take some time to sign the contract.

"The contract will be signed after two days. Edith, stop it. This time you will not only be kicked out of the company, but also out of the Patel family!" Albie said coldly.

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agreement with Director Grayson yesterday. He is willing to continue to supply us with building materials, but there will be a 10% increase in price. It is all Edith's fault. She insisted on lowering the price. Otherwise,

Albie's words, everyone accused Edith and

then looked at Edith coldly, and said, "Edith, what else do you have to say? Albie has already negotiated with them. Your deal must fall through. From now on, never

I failed. Jiangma Building Materials Factory has already given me the contract, and they will continue to supply us

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Director Grayson will accept the price you offered after he has negotiated with me? You have got the contract? I think it

Director Grayson give up a higher benefit but sign a contract with you instead? You take us

all and said, "Who told you that the director of Jiangma Building Materials Factory is still Grayson. Yesterday the director of this factory has changed. No matter how successful the talk

If Jiangma Building Materials Factory does not belong to Grayson, whose it will be? Edith, you don't

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