Moon went to his car. He was unlocking his car when a familiar scent hit his nostrils. He looked around and found Ocean standing near a car. She was smiling, he looked at her smiling face and a smile made its way to his lips. "Ocean has a really gorgeous smile." He thought.

Ocean felt someone's staring at her, she looked around and found Moon drooling over her with a sexy smile on his face. Her heart skipped a beat."(Stupid heart." She thought. "I'm not interested in him, I'm running away from him. Then why? Stupid heart." She quickly hopped into the car and locked the door. Jack thought she might be tired or hungry or maybe both, he drove off fast. She caught a site of Moon, who's smiling face was suddenly sad. His shining eyes were dim. It squeezed her heart and she felt bad. She knew, she was the reason of his sad face. She tried to brush off the thoughts but she couldn't. Her tongue started to move itself and she asked a question to Jack she wasn't expecting!

Ocean: What if I feel like I'm the reason of someone's pain? What should I do?

Jake: I don't think you can hurt anyone. But if you have and you think you're the reason of someone's pain or tears. Then go talk to them, clear things up, apologise.

Ocean: What if they won't forgive me?

Jack: If you will apologise pure heartedly then they will.

Moon went back home. He didn't eat anything, since he came back home, he just locked himself in his room. At the time of dinner, Maria Kart, Moon's mother sent a maid to called him for dinner but he replied he ain't hungry. Maria got worried and went to his room. He was sitting at the edge of the bed, arms around his legs. He was looking at the dark forest from his wide window. He was so deep in his thoughts that he didn't even noticed Maria. Maria sat besides Moon and rubbed his back lovingly. Moon looked at her and forced a smile on his face. He laid down and put his head in her lap. Maria was sure that something was troubling her son. She asked him.

Maria: What's troubling my Moon so much that he's so lost and sad?

Moon: It's a girl ma.

Maria: She must be so so special that she has effected you this much.

Moon: She is ma. She sweet, she's cute, she's innocent, she's stunning and I love the way her dimples get deeper when she smiles.