Professor Mitchell walked to the new girl. He was curious to know, what brought Moon Kart to his class. Moon was a very intelligent student. But he never attended anyone's class and because of his grades principal Albert was on Moon's side. And because of his support, no teachers were allowed to punish Moon. Professor Mitchell stood right in front of Ocean. She was chewing her bottom lip in nervousness. Professor Mitchell asked her.

Professor Mitchell: So you're the reason for the miracle we have witnessed today. What's your name?

Ocean: Sir, I'm Ocean Knight.

Professor Mitchell: Oh! Another idiot Knight you are.

Ocean: Pardon please.

Professor Mitchell: Don't be so surprised.

Ocean: How can you say that? You don't even know me!

Professor Mitchell: I know you all. Those three brats weren't enough for principal Albert. He allowed you too. I'm tired of handling stupid mistakes of Knights.

Ocean didn't said a single word, but her eyes said everything to Moon. She picked up her stuff and ran out of the class. Moon followed her behind. Professor Mitchell called him many times but all he could her was Ocean's sobs. Ocean went to washroom and locked herself in. She was sobbing hard. She was so sad. No one ever talked to her that way. In her sobs and hiccups she complained God, ( Why mom and dad left me? Why I have to go through all this? What have I done to anyone?) Moon reached to the washroom and knocked many times, but she didn't answer him. A loud sob escaped her mouth and anger shoot through Moon's body. He was pissed. (Why would someone hurt a pretty thing like her?)

Professor Mitchell always tried to find a way to find a way to make principal Albert punish Moon and finally he got one. He went to principal's office.

Professor Mitchell: I'm sick and tired of Mr Kart. Today he came to my class and then left in the middle of the lecture. This is too much Mr Albert.

Principal Albert: Calm down professor Mitchell. You have to be thankful that he finally attended your class.

Professor Mitchell: He left it in the middle of the lecture. I called him but he ignored me like I'm nothing. I can't work like this Mr Albert.

Principal Albert: Fine, where is he?

Professor Mitchell: Like I know.

Principal Albert called his assistant Mr Saeed and told him to find and bring Mr Kart to the principal's office. Mr Saeed went straight to the monitor room and searched Moon. He found Moon in front of ladies room. He reached to the ladies room and spoke.