The Medallion

Chapter 1216 Itch To Possess Him

The scene shocked every single person who was watching the confrontation. These included various spiritual race beings and human spirit manipulators, who widened their eyes in disbelief and talked to each other feverishly.

"Am I dreaming? He made the demonic beast surrender to him! Such a powerful beast and it actually surrendered!"

"He is just a human being, but he managed to subdue a demonic beast so powerful that even the spiritual race couldn't handle it..."

"Forget whatever people are saying! I don't think this guy is human!"

For a moment, the entire Fog Demon Plain was filled with the cries of astonishment. It was hard for most of the onlookers to believe their eyes. Who would? The most powerful and ancient demonic beast was now kneeling down in front of a human being.

In fact, even Felicia, Marcia, and Alyssa were shocked by the scene. They knew that Rocky was powerful, but they hadn't expected that the man would be able to tame such a strong and ancient beast.

"Please tell me that is not possible!" Townsend, who had been stopped by the three women, was also stunned. He had imagined thousands of outcomes of this fight, but only not this one. Rocky had extracted the original soul of the demonic beast. Then, he had let it be reborn in the form of his own ancient spiritual beast. Moreover, he totally subdued and controlled it. Everything was going against the patriarch's plans.

Obviously, Jill was also surprised.

"He did it! Wow, he actually did it!" Sabina, Shirley and Lucilla were very excited.

same thought in their minds. Despite their calm and composed exterior, their eyes betrayed the admiration they were

single human spirit manipulator was shocked, excited and proud. It was a humongous feat to be able to subdue such a strong beast, that too when one was a human. As so many spiritual race beings watched

other hand, the spiritual race beings were still surprised and stunned, as if they hadn't

one. It was true that he had brought under control three powerful spirit-manipulated beasts as strong as guardian beasts; it was true that he had helped them break the curse seal which, once again, even the spiritual race

proudly nodded at Glutton who had been reborn with the help of

like a puppet, entered Rocky's Magic Spiritual Space, and

ground. He was a little exhausted now. As soon

a little serious after this victory. Unaware to them, he had come to know of the existence of Divine King Belial from the conversation between the Dragon-shaped Soul Beast and the demonic beast he had just subdued. And Belial seemed to be related to the power of the Holy Dragon Bead in his body. In

people were happy about the beast

who was extremely angry that his plans had been waylaid. It was obvious that he had underestimated


Townsend put on an arrogant and disdainful look on

with!" Jill had long suspected him of planning something in secret. The truth was, she knew him a long time ago, before the time he had taken over as the patriarch of the Heavenly Demon Clan. The two of them had once even been close. However, when Townsend had become the patriarch, then the two of them had drifted apart for some reason.

have even a

threads! You know what, I am going to forget it this one time. However, be warned! If the Heavenly Demon Clan dares to plot against us again, we will not be so lenient and your blood shall flow like a river!" Jill warned in a sinister

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