The Medallion

Chapter 1217 The Evil-fight Divine Bead

Although Glutton had been reborn, there were still some remnant souls that hadn't been merged with it and were still attached to those monsters. Jill saw that and ordered her people to kill all the remaining monsters, so they could not cause any more trouble.

After a long time, the Fog Demon Plain finally returned to its usual peace.

However, the terrible things that happened had left a mark on the land that was very difficult to erase. Indeed, the appalling and horrible memories that the disaster had inflicted in their minds would take a long time to heal.

The awful disaster that day would leave a hefty impression in the history of the Wild Spirit Land.

Through Jill's order, the seven spiritual masters led the Phoenix Master Clan members and escorted their legendary guardian beast back.

"Prince Crimson, may I speak with you alone? I have something to ask you," Jill told Rocky at once.

"All right." Rocky nodded and then said to Marcia and the other women, "You can go back to the Phoenix City with Preceptor Felicia. After I talk with Matriarch Jill, I will go somewhere else first, but I will see you as soon as I return."

"Where are you going? Don't you want us to go with you?" Marcia couldn't help but ask when she saw that Rocky was acting mysteriously.

"Don't worry. There's no need for that." Rocky shook his head firmly. He didn't look like he would change his mind, even though the women were all pouting at him. Instead, Rocky called back the three beasts and turned to Jill. With a wave at the others, he climbed Jill's guardian beast and left with her.

After they flew for a while, Rocky broke the peaceful silence. He looked at Jill and asked, "Matriarch Jill, what do you want to talk about?"

truth. Where did the power in your body come from?" At that moment, it became apparent to Rocky that Jill would never give up. It seemed

is your question, then I'll just go. I'm sorry, but you can't just ask repeatedly and expect that I will change my mind and answer you." After hearing that, Rocky pretended to leave.

her hands out as if to stop him.

to look at her with an unimpressed expression on his

Clan's intervention this time? Do you think they have any hidden agenda?" Jill asked.

yet. I think they wouldn't have interfered if the Heavenly Demon Clan didn't have any interest in the matter," speculated Rocky. He had dealt with the Heavenly Demon Clan more than a few times,

in their hands, which we should not underestimate. Fortunately, you have subdued the oldest and most formidable demonic beast. If

world's affairs. However, if any other clan dares to lay a finger on us, we will never let it go. I will definitely get even with

do with me. But I agree with you. We have to be on guard against the Heavenly Demon

at Rocky hesitantly. Then she asked, unwilling

finished speaking, Rocky summoned Ken and flew away without a backward glance.

to stop him. "That brat... Even if he doesn't tell me, I can guess that the so-called Holy Dragon Bead may come from the same source as the Demonic Soul Cauldron. If that is the case,

mile away from Jill, he asked in his mind, "Don't you owe me

Heavenly God Temple to take out its remains, so you have to go there first. Initially, with your current strength, entering the Heavenly God Temple is very dangerous, but you have to do this to obtain Glutton's help. Don't worry. I will

you and Divine King Belial?" Rocky had heard that Glutton was sealed in the Demonic Soul Cauldron because it was defeated by Divine King Belial and

enter the Heavenly God Temple, you will find out something that you can know," the Dragon-shaped Soul Beast replied calmly. Since it

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