The convenient Bride

Chapter 262: I Am Jealous

The strange man walked out. He was thin and ordinary-looking, but he carried a sharp and gloomy aura.


This man was very dangerous!


Rorey frowned and looked at the man with an inquiring gaze.


How could she not know that there was another man at home?


The man walked over and nodded at Rorey. Then, he looked at Xenia and said, "What do you need me to do?"


Xenia turned her head to look at Butler Zhao, who was lying under the stairs, and said, "Alan, dispose of it.”


Alan looked to the corpse with a slight flash of light in his eyes.


Xenia turned to look at him and asked, “What's wrong? Don't you guys often do such things? Are you scared?"


Alan withdrew his gaze and coldly looked at her, then he turned around and went downstairs.


It wasn't that he couldn't notice the sarcasm in Xenia's words, but so what? She wasn't wrong. They always did this.


Therefore, he didn't refute it.


"Mom, who is he?" Rorey frowned even more when she saw Alan moving Butler Zhao fearlessly. She felt that Alan was not a simple man.


"You don't need to know who he is. You just need to remember that Alan will help you with everything you want to do next." Xenia concealed Alan's identity because she didn't want her daughter to know who her biological father was.


"But..." Rorey still wanted to ask but was interrupted by Xenia’s harsh voice. "Stop, don't ask anymore."


Rorey was instantly stunned, with her eyes filled with disbelief. This should be the first time her mother was so fierce towards her.


Her serious and cold face made her feel scared. She even felt that the woman in front of her was so unfamiliar, as if she had never known her.