The convenient Bride

Chapter 263: Going on a Blind Date with Her Ex-Boyfriend

The melodious piano music was echoing in the dining room, with an especially romantic and harmonious vibe.


Sachin smiled at her and asked softly, "How do you want to give me confidence?"


"Give me your hand." Rosiley smiled mysteriously.


Sachin raised his eyebrows and reached out his hand.


Rosiley grabbed it, spread out his palm, looked at him, and then wrote something in his hand.


"You are the most beautiful scenery.’


This was what she wrote.


Sachin's black eyes instantly filled with tenderness, and he smiled brightly.


"How is it?” Rosiley raised her head and smiled at him, asking, “Are you confident now?"


"Yes. I'm especially confident.” Sachin held her hand and asked softly, "When did you learn to say such kind of sweet words?”


"Well...,, Rosiley pondered for a moment, then smiled and said, "Naturally."


Sachin thought for a moment and then asked, "Are you influenced by me?”


"Of course.” Rosiley blinked playfully.


"Then I have to say more in the future. Only then can I be honored to hear your sweet words,’ he said half-jokingly.


"Dear, don't you know that if you say too many sweet words, they will become worthless?” Rosiley pretended to be serious as she glared at him.


"No, what I say to you won't be worthless." His handsome face was filled with confidence. “Because it was from my heart."