The convenient Bride

Chapter 256: Save Me!

After the meal, Rosiley refused to let Lina to send her home and went to the roadside alone, waiting for Sachin.


It was late, and the streetlamps on both sides of the road shone on the asphalt road. A gentle breeze blew over, carrying coldness.


Rosiley gathered up the thin windbreaker on her body, folded her arms on her chest, and looked forward to the appearance of Sachin's car.


A car drove over from afar. The car lights were very dazzling.


Rosiley subconsciously turned around and raised her hand to block her forehead. She then looked at the car angrily.


There came a sound of tires rubbing against the ground.


The car stopped beside her.


Rosiley thought it was Sachin's car, but when she looked closely, she discovered that it was a strange car.


Why was this strange car parked here?


She narrowed her eyes and felt confused.


She cautiously stared at the car and subconsciously retreated.


Then the car door opened, and a tall man got off.


The light was dim, so she couldn't see clearly the man's appearance.


"Girl, are you still waiting for the bus at this late hour? Shall I drive you home?"


The man said with a flirtatious tone as he walked towards her.


It was obvious that this man was unkind!


Rosiley shook her head as she stepped back, saying, "No! Thank you!"


She was about to run away, but that person was even faster than her and directly grabbed her hand.


"Girl, don't run. Let me take you for a ride."