The convenient Bride

Chapter 255: A Ridiculous Rumor

After a day of work, Rosiley and her colleagues walked out of the office building.


It was already autumn in Benin. Since the sky got dark very early, the streetlights would be lit up early. The lights were beautiful when they stood in line.


After saying goodbye to her colleagues, Rosiley walked to the bus stop.


Suddenly, a car stopped beside her. Rosiley turned around in surprise. The window was slowly rolled down, revealing Maddox's handsome face.


Rosiley couldn't help but laugh. "Hello, Maddox."


"Rosiley, let me drive you home.”


"No need. I'll take the bus.” Rosiley rejected him and continued, "Aren't you going to come to Yayoi? Hurry up and leave me alone.”


Maddox frowned. "Rosiley, haven't you driven your car today?"


Rosiley returned, "No. Tomorrow is the weekend. I want to take the bus and enjoy the street scenery. I haven't done it for a long time."


During this period of time, she had been worried about too many things, and every nerve in her body had been tense. Now she relaxed. She wanted to slow down.


Taking a bus was a good choice.


"Rosiley, let me drive you home. It'll be very late if you go home by bus. My brother and I will be worried." Maddox got out of the car and walked over to help her open the door with a resolute attitude.


Rosiley sighed, "It's only twenty minutes’ drive to Lennox Villa. I will get home soon."


No sooner did Rosiley finish than she ran away.


Seeing her running away, Maddox couldn't help but laugh. He thought that Rosiley was more mature than Juliet and Yayoi. To his surprise, Rosiley could be so childish.


Since Rosiley did not want him to send her home, Maddox gave up and closed the car door. Then he got in the car and drove away.


After running for a while, Rosiley slowed down. She stopped and looked back, finding that Maddox's car disappeared.


After heaving a sigh of relief, Rosiley continued walking towards the bus stop.