The convenient Bride

Chapter 249: It Is All About Love

"I...." Juliet glanced at Yayoi and pouted. "Alright, I'll talk to her."


Upon hearing this, Yayoi's expression became much more relaxed, and she smiled slightly.


Since she said this, it meant that she was not that angry anymore.


Rosiley smiled in satisfaction, "That's right. Come on, let's have dinner first."


She picked up a piece of fish and put it into Juliet's bowl, saying, "This is your favorite fried cod."


Then, she also picked one for Yayoi and said, "Yayoi, this is your favorite spicy potato shredded."


Yayoi smiled and said, "Thank you."


Rosiley smiled and shook her head, saying, "There's no need for us to be so polite."


Yayoi smiled and didnt say anything else.


During the meal, the atmosphere was very harmonious. Everyone did not say much and just silently ate.


This caused Payton, who had always been chatty, to feel extremely uncomfortable.


After dinner, everyone gathered in the living room. Payton, who had been holding his tongue for a long time, hurriedly said, "Is there someone who can tell me what happened between them?"


He pointed at Maddox and Yayoi.


In dinner, he saw Maddox picking up food for Yayoi intimately.


"AS you Can see, we're dating,’ Maddox replied indifferently.


"What?" Payton suddenly widened his eyes, saying, "Maddox, are you crazy? You know you...."


"I'll solve it," Maddox interrupted him, "I will convince my grandfather."