The convenient Bride

Chapter 248: Yes, I Asked You to Hug Me

To reconcile Juliet and Yayoi, Rosiley prepared to call them to her home and personally cook a few dishes for them.


She hoped that through this meal, their friendship could return to good standing.


Sasha walked to the kitchen and looked at Rosiley, who was busy cooking. She smiled and asked, "May I help you?”


"Sasha, thanks. I can do it myself," Rosiley turned around and smiled at her, saying, "Cooking by myself can better show my sincerity."


"Alright then. Call me if you need me."


Sasha didn't say anything more when she felt her persistence.


“Alright,” Rosiley replied, and then continued to cut the vegetables.


She had spent more than two hours in preparing this meal. Looking at the dishes on the table, Rosiley had a great sense of



She raised her head and looked out of the French window. It was already late, and the streetlights in the courtyard had already lit up.


They should arrive soon.


She walked out and happened to meet Sachin, who had just returned home.


She smiled brightly, saying, “Sachin, you're back."


Sachin nodded and looked at her calmly.


She was wearing an apron and her hair was casually tied up behind her head. Her mischievous broken hair was scattered and her pretty little face was smiling brightly.


He felt that she was so beautiful that he almost didn't want to look away.


"Did you cook?" He asked softly.


Rosiley smiled and nodded, saying, "Yes, I cooked a lot of dishes. You'll have a good meal tonight."


"Really?" he raised his eyebrows and said, “Are you sure?"