The convenient Bride

Chapter 197: Be My Girlfriend

"Are you really going to take me there?"


Yayoi did not believe that he was so kind. She looked at him with caution. "Do you have any requirements?"


What did she mean? Was he such a person in her eyes?


Maddox forced a smile, and deliberately returned, "Yes, as long as you agree to be my girlfriend, I will take you there."


As expected, how could he be so nice?


Yayoi was angry. She coldly snorted, "Stop daydreaming. What a two-timer!"


After saying that, she turned around and walked out.


Maddox frowned. What did he do?


Seeing that she was about to leave, he hurriedly stood up and chased after her.


Just as Yayoi was about to open the door, Maddox suddenly pressed the hand that she had just rested on the handle of the door, stopping her from moving.


An aggressive masculine aura approached Yayoi, and her back stiffened. She didn't dare to look back.


"Who are you referring to as a two-timer?"


His low voice carried a hint of anger.


She bit her lip and did not answer.


Enraged by her silence, Maddox narrowed his eyes, where there was a dangerous light. He suddenly grabbed her hand and pulled it hard.


Yayoi felt her head spun dizzily. When she regained her senses, she had been pressed against the door.


As she looked up, she met his angry eyes. Yayoi was heartbroken, as if someone had fiercely grabbed her heart.


"Yayoi, let me ask you again. Who is the two-timer?"


He stared at her eyes.


Yayoi avoided his horrible gaze.