The convenient Bride

Chapter 198: Taken Advantage of Yayoi When She was in Perilous State

"No need.”


Yayoi threw the tissues into the trash can, then took out a few more and wrapped them around her scratched fingers.


"Look, I have bandaged it.” She waved her hand.


Rosiley didn't know what to say.


Her face darkened when she saw the blood staining the tissue again. "Yayoi, listen to me and ask the nurse to bind up your wound."


Rosiley's voice carried unarguable insistence.




Just as Yayoi was about to say something, there was a knock on the door, followed by a familiar voice.


"Rosiley, I'm here to see you. Can I come in?"


It was Maddox's voice.


"Yes." Rosiley replied while looking sideways at Yayoi. Yayoi looked down with an indifferent expression. No one was able to see through her now.


Rosiley narrowed her eyes thoughtfully.


Maddox pushed open the door and walked in. On seeing the slender figure with her back facing him, Maddox was astonished, but he quickly regained his composure. He then smiled and asked Rosiley, "Rosiley, hasn't Sachin come?”


"He has just left.” Rosiley smiled slightly. "He has stayed with me all afternoon. He needs to attend a dinner party tonight, and he may come later.’


Maddox nodded and walked over to sit down beside the bed. Looking calmly at Yayoi, who stood on the other side of the bed while hanging her head, he smiled, 


“Miss Song, why didn't you tell me you were coming? I can drive you here.”


Hearing his polite and distant address, Yayoi frowned, and felt upset.


"Mr. Shen, there's no need to trouble you," she responded with indifference.


Maddox raised his eyebrows, revealing a self-mocking smile.