The convenient Bride

Chapter 184: There'll Be a Major Turn

All these years, Yunis had never been so rude to her.


She stared at him in disbelief. There was some serious tension in the ward.


After a long time, Rorey pouted her mouth in grievance and said, "Why are you so hard on me?"


The second she said these words, tears began to flow down her cheeks.


Yunis was also surprised that he actually shouted to Rorey. He had rarely lost his temper.


But with the child gone, how could he remain calm?


"I'm also sad that we have lost the baby. You were too busy accusing me to even notice that. What I need is comfort and understanding. Do you care about me or not?"


Rorey complained to him with tears streaming down her cheeks. His attitude had disappointed her.


Hearing this, Yunis let out a long sigh. Then, he stepped forward to hug her, but she dodged.


"Yunis, I knew that your parents agreed to take me as their daughter-in-law only for the child. They were not very happy with the decision. Now that the baby is gone, they dont have to force themselves into marrying me to you anymore.”


Yunis' mother had never been nice to Rorey. She had always looked down on her. With the child gone, she would find all excuses to keep her distance with Rorey.


Because of the child, Yunis was terribly upset. With Rorey's complaints, he was even more annoyed. His raised his voice again.




He shouted angrily.


Rorey's eyes suddenly widened as she said, "You are shouting to me again? Yunis, you don't love me at all. Not at all...”


As she cried, she punched him with her fists.


Yunis didn't dodge.