The convenient Bride

Chapter 185: Still Breathing

Emmeline's video disrupted Melissa's plan all of a sudden, and what made things worse was—


Maddox had returned.


As soon as he returned, he immediately held a press conference. His swift move and firm attitude completely defeated Melissa.


“As the President of TEG, I am deeply sorry for the impact of this incident.”


Maddox apologized to the audience as soon as he stepped onto the stage, then, he continued, "Rosiley is one of TEG's most outstanding reporters, and she's been hurt because of this incident. We will give her justice with the help of law. At the same time, our company has sent people to collect those defamatory comments online. We will, if needed, sue those who made the comments."


There was an uproar at the press conference immediately. The reporters looked at each other in disbelief. It caught them in surprise that TEG had changed its stance in just a few days.


After the news of Rorey and Rosiley broke out, TEG issued a statement, which had implied that Rosiley was guilty.


However, with Emmeline's video, the turn of TEG's stance made sense.


Maddox looked around at the reporters whispering to each other under the stage and continued, "Here, I have two announcements to make.”


The noisy meeting room instantly quieted down. Everyone listened with attention.


"First, Maddox held up one finger and said, "TEG will end the partnership with Melissa. From today, she is no longer our company's general manager.”


These words sprang a surprise to the reporters again. Before they could react, Maddox made a gesture of number 2 and said, "Second, TEG will terminate its contract with Rorey. From today onwards, she is no longer TEG's artist.


Alright, that's all for today's press conference."


Maddox stood up, buttoned up his suit with one hand and strode away with his head held high.


Seeing this, the reporters below the stage all stood up and ran towards him, in the hope of interviewing him.


However, the men accompanying Maddox blocked their ways. They could only watch helplessly as Maddox's figure disappeared from their views.