The convenient Bride

Chapter 171: Evil Humanity

"I feel so hot..."


Rosiley felt as if she was on a stove, very hot and uncomfortable.


Looking at Rosiley on the bed, Angus got passionate. If there weren't someone else in the room, he would have been out of control.


Melissa looked at Angus mockingly, who looked wretched. He had slept with many actresses and was really disgusting.


However, only this kind of man could ruin Rosiley's reputation and make her anguished.


Thinking that Rosiley would wake up next morning and discover that she had been sexually assaulted by Angus, Melissa felt joyful.


“Director Angus, you've got a long night. I'll leave her to you." Melissa smiled at Angus, but Angus did not look at her at all. He kept staring at Rosiley.


Melissa didn't mind and continued, "Director Angus, now that you've got her, don't forget about our cooperation."


"I know. Go now." Angus impatiently waved his hand at her.


Melissa looked at Rosiley on the bed, then turned around and left.


Rosiley, you asked for it, Melissa thought.


She walked out and saw Yunis and Rorey at the door.


"Melissa, are you done?" Rorey looked anxious.


"Director Augus and Rosiley are both inside." Melissa closed the door and looked at Yunis, "Yunis, have you found reporters for tomorrow morning?"


Yunis stared straight at the closed door and did not hear her question.


Melissa frowned and said, "Yunis, what are you looking at?"


Yunis hurriedly withdrew his gaze and looked at Melissa, "Melissa, what's wrong?"


"Have you found reporters for tomorrow morning?" Melissa repeated in displeasure.