The convenient Bride

Chapter 170: The Troublemaker

Payton was busy refusing those women, while Rosiley was bored and eating dessert.


They were completely unaware that they were watched over by some men and women standing not far away.


"Is that the man whose information couldn't be found anywhere?"


Melissa stared at the man beside Rosiley, her eyes filled with astonishment.


From distance she could not see his appearance clearly, but his elegance and good figure suggested his handsome look.


“That's right, it's him."


Seeing that man again, Yunis darkened his eyes.


Melissa gently sipped her wine as her gaze at Payton grew deeper and deeper.


"He's always been by Rosiley's side. We can't do anything to her." Rorey's tone was somewhat anxious.


Rorey didn't want to miss this opportunity.


"Calm down, OK?" Melissa glared at her unhappily, "Let's wait for the chance."


She raised her hand and a woman walked over.


"This is...?"


Rorey and Yunis looked at each other, perplexed.


"Didn't you say that he stayed by Rosiley's side all the time and that we couldn't do anything? Then I'll let him walk away from Rosiley." Melissa's lips curled into a sinister smile.


"As expected, attending a banquet is the most boring thing.” Payton yawned with boredom.


"It's really boring." Rosiley sipped the fruit wine in her hand and looked around. There were groups of people chatting and laughing.


“Then let's go back."