The convenient Bride

Chapter 168: She Was Desperate to Be Famous

It was the day of the press conference of "Empresses in the Palace", and Rosiley came to the scene with a photographer.


When Rosiley left the company, Yayoi was still worried about her. Yayoi urged Rosiley to protect herself if something happened.


Rosiley was touched by Yayoi's concern for her. She repeatedly assured Yayoi that she would definitely return safely.


When she arrived at the hotel where the press conference was held, Rosiley saw huge posters of the stars were showed at the entrance. The fans were barred behind the safety line by security guards.


Although it was after four o'clock in the afternoon, they felt hot in the sun. However, those fans didn't care and they were eager to see their favorite stars.


Rosiley couldn't help but sigh. The stars’ greatest happiness should be having such a group of fans following them without complaint.


As soon as they entered the hotel, they could see the fans that had come out to support their favorite stars. After walking around, Rosiley held several bags, which were filled with small gifts from the fans.


She knew almost all the actors of "Empresses in the Palace", except Bertram, who would play the emperor.


He was an extremely mysterious man.


Three years ago, he suddenly appeared in the entertainment industry. He made his debut as the male lead of a romantic drama. He became famous overnight because of his handsome appearance and consummate acting abilities. He also garnered a massive fan base.


In the past three years, he had made a total of five TV dramas, one movie. All of his works were praised.


In just three years, he had become one of the leading male celebrities and was named the most wanted man in the entertainment industry for three consecutive years.


Such a person should have been the darling of the media reporters, but there had been little news about him in the past three years.


All the news about him was just promoting his movies or TV shows.


Of course, it wasn't that the media didn't want to report his news, but that they couldn't find his stories at all.


During filming, he preserved his moral integrity. He usually didn't have any private contact with the actresses after work.


When he wasn't filming, the media simply couldn't track his whereabouts, as if he had disappeared.