The convenient Bride

Chapter 167: Did I Allow You to Leave?

The light of the morning sun shone into the room through the floor-to-ceiling window and on the floor.


Rosiley took a bite of the scrambled egg and looked at the man opposite her.


Sachin sat silhouetted against the light. His figure was upright and his facial features strongly marked.


As he drank the milk, he focused on reading the newspaper.


“You should focus when you are having a meal. Don't be distracted, or you'll suffer from indigestion.”


Rosiley muttered discontentedly. The man opposite her looked up at her with a smile.


"It was my mother who said it.” Rosiley added. An elder's words might be convincing.


Sachin folded the newspaper and put it aside. Then, he smiled and said, "Since Mom said so, I have to listen to her."


Rosiley narrowed her eyes and asked, "Are you making fun of me?"


"No,’ Sachin smiled. His eyes were bright with pleasure.


Rosiley angrily glared at him and placed some egg on his plate. She said, "This is delicious. Have a taste."


Sachin looked at the golden scrambled egg and then looked up at Rosiley who was looking at him expectantly.


Thus, he gently took a bite of the egg.


"How is it?" Rosiley asked anxiously.


He tasted it carefully, and after a long time, he said under her eager gaze, “It's delicious."


Rosiley started smiling, her eyes curving into crescent moon-like shapes. She said proudly, "I cooked it.”


Sachin smiled as he looked at her, and his eyes were filled with pampering.


"I am indeed a good wife,’ Rosiley said and smiled.


"Yes, you are a good wife.”


Rosiley was happier to win his praise than to win a lottery.