The convenient Bride

Chapter 155: Go All Out for Popularity

Lunch break.


Rosiley and Yayoi came back from lunch and saw Rorey going out in the lobby on the first floor of the company.


To avoid seeing her face-to-face, Rosiley pulled Yayoi to hide behind the potted plant.


“What are you doing?" Yayoi did not understand what the hiding was for.


Rosiley looked at Rorey, who had already walked to the door. "! don't want her to see us, otherwise it will never end."


Yayoi said, "Oh, you know what? Rorey sent a message to the senior managers of the company, saying that if she didn't get the second female role of ‘Empresses in the Palace’, then she would cancel the contract with the company and file a complaint with the court for a large amount of compensation on the grounds of the company's inaction."




Rosiley sneered in disbelief, "Why didn't she rob the bank?"


"And how does she get the confidence that the company will compromise? She's not a celebrity who can bring benefits to the company. Ever since the company signed her, I think it's still at a loss."


Rosiley felt that Rorey was too confident.


"I think she relied on Yunis’ support.” Thinking of the couple, Yayoi couldn't hide her disdain.


"Is that so?" Rosiley snorted coldly, "Now that TEG's boss is Maddox Shen, what could the Ji family do? I'm afraid Rorey will lift a rock only to drop it on her own feet this time."


Upon hearing the word "Maddox, a trace of strangeness flashed across Yayoi's face, but it was quickly concealed. Rosiley did not notice it.


"Then there would be a good show for us to watch."


Yayoi couldn't help but feel excited when she thought that all Rorey's efforts would be in vain.


Rosiley couldn't help but laugh when she saw her expectant look. In fact, she was also looking forward to the day when Rorey's dreams shattered.