The convenient Bride

Chapter 154: Do Something Good to Sleep

After dinner, Sachin took the initiative to clean up the dishes while Rosiley dried them up.


They didn't say anything. The warmth and tranquility flowed quietly in the room.


Rosiley tilted her head to look at his slender hands under the water, the joints of which were distinct and beautiful.


Such a pair of hands was actually used to wash the dishes. What a waste!


He would cook and wash dishes, which were completely incompatible with his status.


If she didn't know him and they weren't married, and someone told her that REG's president, Sachin, could cook and wash dishes, she would definitely not believe it.


Staying away from housework should be the style for a president of a company.


However, after marrying him, this idea was completely overturned.


It turned out that he, the proud prince, would do such ordinary things.


Thinking about it, she couldn't help but chuckle.


"What's the matter?” Sachin turned to look at her and asked softly.


“Nothing.” Rosiley shook her head, "I just feel that you're a little unreal.”


Sachin stared at her quietly, his eyes as deep as the sea.


Embarrassed by the sight, she looked away and urged him, “Hurry up and wash the dishes.”


Her waist was suddenly tightened. She turned around in astonishment, only to be kissed by him.


He sucked her lips over and over again with extreme tenderness.


After a long time, he reluctantly left her lips and wrapped her in his arms.


Rosiley leaned obediently against his chest, his calm heartbeat echoing in her ears.


He gently stroked her hair and hugged her for a long time. His deep and pleasant voice sounded in the quiet kitchen.


"Now do you feel real?"


Rosiley was shocked for a moment, and then she came to herself. It was because of her words that he kissed her.


She couldn't help but laugh, "Yes, it's always real."


Sachin chuckled and let go of her, "Wash the dishes.’


The atmosphere was ruined by the words “wash the dishes". She could do nothing but sigh.


Rosiley came out of the bath and found that Sachin was not in his room.