The convenient Bride

Chapter 143: Enthusiasm

Rosiley gave Lina a grateful look. Lina smiled faintly and said, "Go back to work."


Rosiley smiled and nodded before returning to her seat.


As soonas she sat down, Yayoi leaned over and said, "Rosiley, that new president seems to be very interested in you."


"Really?" Rosiley squinted at her.


"Yes. Lonny giggled and flirted just now. However, Mr. Shen didn't even look at her."


Speaking of Lonny, Yayoi looked scornful. That woman did not even look in the mirror. Was the Shen family something she could match?


"So?" Rosiley turned around and looked at her.


"So ... even if you stood there and didn't do anything, Mr. Shen did not only stare at you, but also spoke to you. It was like...."


Yayoi tilted her head and thought for a moment, "It's like ... he came here just to see you."


Hearing this, Rosiley chuckled, "You're overthinking it. At most, he heard rumors about me and came to see me."


"Is that so?" Yayoi frowned suspiciously.


“Alright, hurry back to work."


Rosiley picked up a document on the table and stuffed it into Yayoi's arms.


After driving Yayoi back to work, Rosiley finally had some peace.


As she turned on the computer, Rosiley recalled the way the new president looked at her just now. It was ... direct with a hint of interest.


No wonder Yayoi thought too much. No one would stare at people like that the first time they met.


Rosiley smiled and did not think too much. She slid her mouse and went into her busy work.


With the promotion of the position, the workload also increased. Rosiley worked overtime for a while before she finished her work today.


It was getting late as she walked out of the company gate. She hurried down the stairs and was about to stop a taxi by the side of the road.


Suddenly, a red Lamborghini stopped in front of her, blocking her path.


Rosiley frowned and tried to bypass the car.