The convenient Bride

Chapter 144: An Obscure Relationship

The news that Maddox Shen, the young master of the Shen family, had become TEG's new president made the Ji family uneasy.


"Melissa, what is this Maddox's intention?" Louie's face was gloomy as he cast a sharp gaze at Melissa, who was sitting beside.


"I don't know his intention to buy TEG yet. But..." Melissa paused for a moment. There was a flash of sharpness in her eyes. "I guess it has something to do with Rosiley.’


"No way!" Yunis dismissed Melissa's idea.


"What is Rosiley's identity? How could Maddox have anything to do with her? Impossible. It is absolutely impossible.”


Yunis repeatedly said a few "impossible", as if he even could not convince himself without saying that.


"That's right. How could Rosiley have anything to do with the Shen family?"


Rorey echoed. Even though she said that, she felt a little guilty.


Rosiley had had such a powerful man beside her. If Maddox also helped Rosiley, it would be almost impossible for her and the Ji family to deal with Rosiley.


Melissa had different ideas from them. "Why is that impossible? I had planned to persuade the former president to fire Rosiley. If Maddox hadn't appeared, I don't think Rosiley could stay in TEG now.’


Hearing this, Rorey gritted her teeth in hatred, “Is Rosiley so lucky, or is there someone secretly helping her?"


"Yunis, as for the man next to Rosiley, how's your investigation going?"


Louie asked.


"There's still no result." Yunis frowned. "Since a person exists in this world, there will be traces of him at least. However, nothing can be found about that man. It's strange."


"What man?" Melissa didn't know what they were talking about.


frightening man beside Rosiley.’ When Rorey thought of that man, she couldn't


like Yunis said, who Rosiley is?


didn't know what they


"Melissa, no. It's..."


explain. At this moment, Yunis interrupted her, "Melissa, do you think you can deal with Rosiley now that Maddox


"Yes. The most important thing now is to


sneered, "Do you think I'm


what she said, Yunis and Rorey looked at


could they not know how powerful Melissa


all kinds of perfume smells floating in the air of the Media Department, almost choking people


Yayoi pinched her nose which was a little


and smiled. "Spring is indeed


"What spring? Isn't it just


"Isn't that spring coming?"


laughing and


rolled her eyes and sighed, "I don't think I'll buy perfume again. I never knew that perfume could

since Maddox became the new president, the group of women led by Lonny had gone crazy. They were seductively dressed every day and were like the ancient concubines, looking forward to being favored by the new president one


apart from smelling the strong perfume, they


going crazy.” Yayoi howled and lay on the table. If this continued, she would


and said, "When I hand in this news, they will


sat up straight in a hurry and craned her neck to look at her computer screen. She saw that the title of the document on the screen was shocking, "The obscure emotional experience of the young


exclaim, "Rosiley, it's not


If we don't have some shocking news,


Lu, are going to run rampant


privilege, how can I


and showed it to


seem appropriate for the privacy


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