The convenient Bride

Chapter 125: You Are Just “Amazing”

After the incident with Manny Qin came to an end, the matter with Yayoi's parents gradually made progress.


On that day, Yayoi went to the police station and asked for specific evidence of her parents’ case. She got some important information and leads and then asked Timothy Sid to help her investigate it in secret.


It would take some time before the truth came out.


Meanwhile, the most unexpected person went looking for Rosiley.


It was Hazel!


At noon, Rosiley went out to lunch with Yayoi as usual. Just as she left the company, she saw Hazel waiting for her at the door.


Hazel was a real celebrity in the industry. She wore a mask, a hat, and sunglasses. She wore simple loose clothes, low-key yet still fashionable. In those clothes and sunglasses, Hazel didn't look like herself anymore. If it wasn't for Hazel's familiar voice, Rosiley probably wouldn't have recognized her.


Yayoi, on the other hand, disdained to look at Hazel.


Manny Qin had kidnapped Rosiley before, which hurt Rosiley badly. Hazel was Manny Qin’s friend. To Yayoi, Hazel and Manny Qin were more or less the same. She didn't want to have anything to do with these people, afraid that she would be framed one day.


“Rosiley, can I talk to you?”


Hazel pretended that she hadn't seen Yayoi's disdainful look. She stared at Rosiley with a gentle smile.


Rosiley glanced at her indifferently and said, “Yayoi and I are going to have lunch. If you don't mind, we can go together.”


having lunch was more important than talking to Hazel right now. Hazel meant nothing to


face went ugly for a moment, but she really wanted to talk to Rosiley. After pondering for a while, she nodded and said, “OK.


western restaurant across the street. They asked for a


came up to order for them. Rosiley lazily glanced at Hazel while waiting for the dishes. She said, “What do you want


“About Manny Qin.”


mask and sunglasses. She


have expected this. She sneered, “Manny Qin? She's not my friend.


reporter. First, you withdrew your endorsement,


who was sitting opposite her. She stared at


is a good friend to you? If so, tell me, why do you think that it was me who sent the news about Manny Qin’'s privacy? Do you have any evidence? If not, please stop your


matter why she did it, she was indeed guilty of a crime. It's all on her. She didn't find out the person who made the news. You don't have the right to accuse me. When she kidnapped me, she was trying to destroy me completely. So, even if her


sharp that no one could refute


it wasn't you who made the


perfectly normal for other reporters to dig some news on her. I'm not the only reporter in the country, and I’m not


and her unhappiness directly. She could afford to let go. If she was guilty for something, she would naturally admit it. If she was not, she couldn't bear


to know who Rosiley was, but she




so unwilling to let go. She didn't


this, Hazel had a


and Rosiley had been

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