The convenient Bride

Chapter 124: Aren't They Risking Their Necks?

Soon, Lane also walked inside. He frowned upon seeing Rosiley, who was scared and frightened. Then, he carefully looked at Sachin.


Sachin’s face was gloomy and even more frightening. Obviously, he was enraged because Rosiley was hurt.


Lane had never seen Sachin so angry for all these years.


The four men were already controlled by the police. They were handcuffed and their faces were filled with despair.


Lane suddenly thought of something and hurriedly said to the police officer beside him, “Officer Lee, please take special care of these four. Mr. Lu is very angry. It would be best if you can find out who's behind them. Mrs. Lu doesn't have any grudges with these gangsters. I can promise you that.”


“Mr. Lane, please rest assured. I will instruct my subordinates to take good care of them. Other useful information will also be sent to Mr. Lu very soon. Mrs. Lu’s unpleasant experience today will not be in vain.”


Officer Lee was respectful. However, he was secretly cursing the four stupid men.


‘Stupid! Don't they know that Rosiley is Mr. Lu’s wife? They are simply risking their necks!’


The four burly men were quickly taken away by the police. Soon, the abandoned warehouse became silent again. Sachin did not stay for long. He directly picked Rosiley up and left this place.


When Sachin brought Rosiley home, it was already eleven o'clock in the evening.


Rosiley had been hiding in his arms quietly. Maybe she was truly frightened.