The convenient Bride

Chapter 85: First Date


Rorey was annoyed for failing to take advantage of Rosiley many times. The second morning, she directly went to the shooting set with her two subordinates and left Rosiley in the hotel.


Rosiley was surprised at first, but soon she was overjoyed. "I was just thinking of an excuse to get rid of them, but now I don't think I need it anymore."


Sachin smiled and nodded, "Prepare yourself, then. I'll take you out.”




About half an hour later, Rosiley came out of the bath, changed her clothes, and went downstairs with Sachin.


Sachin went to pick his car, and Rosiley was waiting for him at the entrance of the hotel.


After a while, Yunis came out and was surprised when he saw Rosiley.


Today, she was in a simple and generous red dress, which perfectly brought out her good shape. With her long black hair loosely tied up, the lady looked elegant and sexy. She was like a charming, inviting flower in full bloom, very special.


Yunis was stunned by her beauty.


He used to spend a lot of time with Rosiley, during which he did not find her very charming. However, ever since they separated, she never failed to amaze him.


Compared to Rorey, Rosiley was undoubtedly more outstanding.


Yunis's heart raced, his eyes gushing with passion. He was more determined to win Rosiley back.


Now Rosiley noticed Yunis's. Realizing that he was staring at her, she looked away and pretended that she didn't see him.


Yunis collected himself and walked over to greet her. "Are you going to the set? I have a car. We can go together."


"No need. You go your way, and I'll go mine. We don't know each other that well.”


Rosiley replied coldly, not even looking at him.


to say something, a car horned


Maserati parked by the roadside. Rosiley smiled. Without saying anything to Yunis, she trotted over, got into the


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rolled her eyes as she looked at Yunis, who was becoming smaller and smaller in the rearview


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dislike for Yunis at all in front of Sachin. She was perfectly honest and even told her husband that Yunis had suggested her




"I'm not that capable”


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man, whom every woman in the country was dying to marry,


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pondering for a few seconds, Sachin glanced at her. "You


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half an hour later, Rosiley and Sachin reached their date spot—Amusement


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