The convenient Bride

Chapter 83: Passionate Desire


The photos of Rosiley and Rorey posted online immediately triggered heated discussion on the Internet.


They weren't famous stars, but because of their dramatic love triangle, the attention they got was no less than any popular star.


The whole world knew that Rorey and Rosiley were archenemies, so the picture of the two getting along soon drew controversies.


People who had previously supported Rosiley expressed their disappointment.


Someone reproached Rosiley with exasperation and regret. They wondered why she should forgive a woman like Rorey and what the point for her previous fighting against Rorey was. They accused her of not being worthy of so much support.


Some of them ridiculed Rosiley for being so stupid that she deserved to be cheated on.


But there were still quite a few discerning people who saw through the photos and gave an accurate analysis of Rosiley's position in TEG. They pointed out that Rorey, who had a powerful background, must have joined hands with TEG to force Rosiley to do so.


Among them, some blamed Rorey for polluting the entertainment industry and pointed out that her frequent headline-grabbing behaviors were disgusting.


There were different opinions on the Internet. However, Rosiley, the focus of the discussion, made no comment at all.


In the evening, Rosiley returned to the hotel. After dinner, she took a shower and walked out in her pajamas. She sat on the sofa with her legs crossed and leaned against Sachin as she stared at the screen of her laptop in resignation. "Every time I'm with that woman, nothing good happens to me."


"Indeed, she is quite capable of making trouble. But there are still a lot of discerning people and the truth will soon be published.”


flipped through the documents without even looked


it's disgusting to be tied up with the


curled her lips and turned off the news page on her laptop, not bothering


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you really don't need me to worry about


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curled up her lips and smiled elegantly, "Of course, if I had to rely on you for everything, you would be


being said, you're still not careful


Sachin's gaze suddenly darkened.


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“That woman's so stubborn!"


her teeth as she complained,


got chilled at the thought of


That was horrible!


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