The convenient Bride

Chapter 82: We Will See


Now that advertisement shooting had been suspended, Rosiley went to chat with the staff out of boredom.


As a peer, the pretty, gently lady soon became popular with everyone.


As they were talking, they heard a lighting director complained, "I've never seen someone so bad at acting. Even a newcomer wouldn't be so bad."


"This is the first time I've seen so many re-shoots in my career. It is a new record. | don't understand why advertisers hired her to be their product endorser."


"My hands were sore from lifting the lighting board and the director seems to be very angry.’


Everyone was complaining about Rorey, but Rosiley did not comment.


Rorey had been generally recognized as a terrible actress, so the result was understandable.


As for why the advertisers had come to her, it must be that Rorey had been attracting a lot of attention recently. And she secured the job with Yunis's help.


Rosiley curled her lips.


All Rorey knew was to act against her younger step-sister, but she had ignored the truth that the entertainment industry was not that easy. Without acting skills, no matter how capable her family was, she couldn't achieve anything.


Rosiley couldn't help but gloat at the thought. She didn't have the slightest sympathy for Rorey's bad reputation.




Stacie walked over from behind and called her condescendingly.




Rosiley raised her eyebrows and asked coldly.


Stacie soon came to her and handed over her a fan. "The company wants you to try your best to act like you're getting along well with Rorey. Now that Rorey is resting and the weather is so hot, go and fan her. | will photo this scene and post it online later.”


Rosiley was silent.


was surprised at what the agent had said. But then she stared at Stacie with a sarcastic gaze and smiled, "You want


all acting, you have to act like it's


look, treating


you're starting to dream? Do you think I'll be stupid enough


to disobey the


Rosiley's refusal, she sneered and forced her in the name of


if you want to fake our relationship. However, don't try to play such tricks.


"Rosiley, you..."


darkening, the agent wanted to scold


going to teach me a lesson?" She curled her lips ironically and said, "Well, how about this? You ask Rorey to fan me instead? This way, you can also take photos and upload them online to tell people how


"Not gonna happen!”

The agent blurted out.


turned cold at that. "Since that's the case, why are you shameless enough to ask me? Go back and tell Rorey that if she goes


had tried all she could to humiliate her at the very




Stacie stifled her arrogance immediately. Then, she


her gaze, uninterested in paying


was impatient that Stacie had been leaving for so long. However, her


hesitated before recounting what Rosiley had


furious. She got up


behind her, Stacie asked warily, "Rorey, what should we do now? That woman is unmoved


distorted due to anger. She gritted her teeth and looked at Rosiley's back in


to deal with, but what annoyed


teach her a lesson during this journey, but out of her expectation, she herself


in hatred and


did that bitch always have a better life


to look


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