The convenient Bride

Chapter 78: Surprise


Stacie nodded, stood up, and stopped a stewardess, “Excuse me, the lady who entered just now was from economy class. Why didn't you stop her?”


The stewardess smiled friendly and replied, “Miss, that's right. That lady booked the economy class ticket. But she changed to the first-class before boarding.”


“Didn't you say the first-class was fully booked? Why can she change it while we can't?” Stacie was furious.


“I'm sorry. There must be some misunderstanding. The seat in the first class is reserved for that lady by a quest.”


“How could it be?”


Stacie was astonished. Even Yunis couldrt book a first-class cabin. How could someone manage what Yunis couldn't do?


Stacie was not stupid. Soon, she thought of something and asked, “What's the name of this guest?”


“Sorry, we can reveal the identity of our guests.”


Even if the stewardess didn't tell, Stacie guessed she probably knew who this guest was. She supposed the one who booked the first class cabin was Rosiley’s mysterious boyfriend.


The corner of Stacie’s lips twitched. Suddenly it dawned on her why Rosiley had that strange look when they were in the departure hall.


When she thought of what she had said to Rosiley, she couldn't help but feel extremely embarrassed.


“What happened?”


Rorey asked Stacie impatiently, who had remained silent after coming back.