The convenient Bride

Chapter 79: Spend My Life with Him


About half an hour later, Rosiley arrived at the hotel and went to the counter to check in.


But the staff told her that her room had been canceled.


Rosiley was surprised. She guessed it must be Rorey again.


They had booked the rooms together. She arrived later and the woman actually canceled the room


“Excuse me, but can you get me another room?”


The receptionist said apologetically, “Sorry, our hotel is full now.”


“Damn it!"


Rosiley was a little annoyed.


Just as she was thinking about what to do, Rorey and the others walked down with a smug smile on their face. Rorey pretended to be apologetic, “Sorry, ve accidentally canceled your room just now. You might go out and look for another hotel”


“Rorey, you did it on purpose, didn't you?”


Rosiley looked at her coldly. Her gaze was icy and somewhat frightening.