The convenient Bride

Chapter 76: I'll Miss You


After dinner, Rosiley and Sachin returned to their room. They took a shower and sat quietly on the balcony in their pajamas.


The moon was very bright tonight and the sky was full of stars. The breeze was very comfortable.


Sachin brought over two glasses of red wine and sat down beside Rosiley. He asked gently, “What are you thinking?”


The lady shook her head and chuckled. Her voice sounded like a wind bell, “l wonder if l'm dreaming. Sometimes, it feels a little unreal.”


”Is it unreal?”


Sachin took a sip of the wine, pressed against her, put his arms around her, and kissed her on the lips.


Sachin didn't let go of her until they were almost out of breath. The man asked her in a hoarse voice, “Now, do you still feel it's unreal?”


Rosiley blushed at the feeling of his hot breath on her skin. She shook her head, “It's too real. I didn't expect to drink in this way.”


Now her mouth was full of the sweet, intoxicating smell of the wine.


“You know now. Do you want to do it again?”


The man whispered. She was dazed by his gentle gaze.


Rosiley nodded dully. Sachin laughed and kissed her again. In the end, he unbuttoned two buttons. And she almost took off her pajamas. He could see her naked body.


about to go on, Rosiley regained her senses and stopped him. She


they calmed down, Rosiley drew a circle around his chest with her fingers and said to Sachin in an aggrieved tone, “lm going on a


his embrace and asked with a frown,


the sake of public relations, I need to stay with Rorey and


pouted and sounded very


the face of Lina in the company. But in front of Sachin, she


be a


me to help


Sachins' gaze turned gloomy.


or TEG, he could easily drive them out of


him to interfere. He felt very sorry that she had been treated


heart to hurt his dear wife. How


just that I don't know how many days it will take. I won't be able to see


him from his chest. She looked like an


beat at that. He looked at her


feel at ease with

put her hands around him, and


have grown accustomed


kiss her again, “lf you keep being like this, l won't be able to control myself from giving way to my


an eye. Early in the morning, Rosiley took her packed luggage and


leaving, Rosiley gave Sachin a big hug,


you later.” Sachin


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