The convenient Bride

Chapter 75: You Should Do What You Are Told


“To be exact, it's because of your relationship with Rorey. Back then, your news was in almost all the papers, which damaged her reputation enormously. To sign her, our company was taking risks."


Lina, who always looked serious, now said helplessly, “Honestly speaking, I didn't agree with the company about signing Rorey in the beginning. But the .Ji Group is quite influential in Benin City and even at home. Even TEG didrt dare to do anything to it.”


“Rosiley, you're a smar†t person, so you should understand what Ì mean. With the support of the Ji Group, Rorey will basically be allowed to do whatever she wants to do in this company as long as she doesnt go too far.”


Rosiley frowned. She didn't expect that Yunis had actually extended his influence to TEG and could even influence the decisions of the higher-ups here.


lt looked like her life would be very difficult in the future?


Rosiley took a deep breath and stopped frowning. “Lina, just tell me what the company wants me to do.”


Lina sighed, “Rorey landed a low-end brand advertisement and the shooting ¡is in H City. The company wants you to stay with her during the shooting and show people that you are getting along so as to silence the rumors."


“Getting along?”


Hearing Linas words, Rosiley raised her eyebrows a little and a trace of mockery flashed through her eyes.


No wonder Rorey hasn't made any trouble these past few days. lt turned out that she was up to this.


After a failed crushing effort, Rorey changed her strategy. She now wanted to make good use of the circumstance to earn herself more exposure.