The convenient Bride

Chapter 58: You're Nothing to Me Now


Since nearly all the guests had arrived, Seneca went up to the stage to give a speech and thanked their presence. Afterwards, the guests were free to do whatever they wanted.


Rosiley talked and drank with the guests on behalf of Seneca for about an hour. Then she got a little tired. So she quietly went upstairs and wanted to take a nap in her room.


After some champagne, Rosiley became a little dizzy. The butler brought her a glass of sober-up tea. She drank a few mouthfuls and was about to call Sachin when someone suddenly opened the door.


Rosiley was shocked. She turned around and saw Yunis walking in alone.


The door was quickly closed. Rosiley frowned as she looked at him, “Yunis, what are you doing? This is my room. Please leave.”


Yunis stared at her, having no intention of leaving, “Rosiley, I want to talk to you.”


“We have talked enough. There's no need to talk anymore.”


Rosiley's face turned cold, and she became vigilant.


She didn't know why Yunis sneaked into her room. But it definitely wasn't anything good.


“But I want to talk to you! I have a lot to tell you.”


Yunis stared fixedly at her, and he gradually felt something.