The convenient Bride

Chapter 59: What Did You Do to Me


“Yunis, what are you doing?”


Rosiley was frightened by his behavior and struggled with all her might.


Yunis's face twisted as he stared at her. He looked extremely terrifying. “Rosiley, I forbid you to be with another man.”


Rosiley was also enraged. She used all of her strength to break free from Yunis's grip. At the same time, she slapped him and said, “Vunis, who do you think you are? Get out of here. I don't want to see you.”


A clear imprint appeared on Yunis's face, and the burning pain finally sobered him up.


He opened his mouth and wanted to say something. However, before he could say anything, Rosiley said, “Yunis, I can't believe I have loved you for the past few years. Your love is cheap and worthless. lt really makes me sick.”


With that, Rosiley pushed him aside and went straight out of the room.


The moment the door closed, Rosiley couldn't help but tremble in fear.


If she hadn't used all her strength to slap Yunis just now, she didn't know what terrible things that man would do to her.


Rosiley was still afraid. She wanted to see Sachin, badly.


So she took out her phone and quickly dialed Sachin's number. “Sachin, I want to see you,” she said.


Sachin was silent for two seconds before he said softly, “II be there soon. Be a good girl and wait for me.”




“I'll wait for you.”


Rosiley went downstairs to wait


looking for Yunis. When she saw Rosiley, she came over and


“Are you nuts?”


She didn't want to talk to Rorey, so she directly walked over to Seneca and said, “Dad,


before he frowned, “You have just got back. Now you are


I don't want to see. I'd better go. Anyway, you wanted me to go back and


the birthday present she had prepared into Seneca's


taken aback. He looked at


ignored his gaze and turned


Do you

as Rosiley walked to the entrance, Liam suddenly chased over and


need. Mr. Lin, someone will come


that so? But Miss Tang, I


up. And he kept sizing her up impolitely with his


by his gaze. She said coldly, “Liam, no matter what, we are still in my home. I think you'd better behave


what are you talking about? I'm only entrusted by


was so angry that she clenched


lt was Rorey again


to force yourself on me?” Rosiley asked with an angry


treat you gently. However, if you do, I

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