The convenient Bride

Chapter 37: A Threat


Hazel was dressed elaborately. The latest Chanel dress brought out her perfect figure. Wearing the light makeup and her hair falling in curls over her shoulders, she was charming and sexy in her high heels. She had an air of a superstar.


At this time, Hazel turned to look over.


When her gaze fell on Rosileys face, she was shocked and exclaimed, “Rosiley?"


"Yes.' Rosiley was checking the camera and looked at her indifferently.


Hazel raised her eyebrows, and said with a sneer, 'Oh, I remember that I'm supposed to be interviewed by another reporter, not you, the popular Rosiley!"


"The reporter is ill in hospital. m taking her place for now. lf Miss Ning is fine with that, lets begin."


Rosiley ignored Hazel's mockery and said straightforwardly. Obviously, Rosiley didn't want to waste time talking to her.


However, Hazel was unwilling.