The convenient Bride

Chapter 36: Once a Love Rival


The next day, Rosiley went to work. There were still a lot of gossips about the news yesterday. When her colleagues saw her, their expressions changed slightly and their lòoks were somewhat complicated and weird.


Rosiley already got used to it. She pretended not to see it and returned to her seat.


Yayoi came closer and complained, “Rosiley, finally you're back. I thought you were too upset and committed suicide."


Rosiley laughed, "Do I look like that to you?”


"No, but it's wrong to disappear suddenly. Do you know how worried I was?”


Yesterday, Rosiley’s phone were off. Yayoi couldn't get through to her for the whole morning. She didn't feel relieved until the recording appeared.


"Sorry, I will definitely inform you before l disappear next time." Rosiley grinned mischievously.


“Next time? You will do that again? I was worried about you for nothing." Yayoi rolled her eyes and scolded. Suddenly, she coughed violently.


"What's wrong? Are you sick?" Rosileys expression changed and looked at Yayoi worriedly. Now Rosiley noticed that her face was a little flushed.


"I am having a fever,' Yayoi said, looking fatigued.