The convenient Bride

Chapter 32: Rosiley Was Accosted


As soon as Sachin left, Rosiley also sneaked out of the office and started her short journey.


It was a huge building. With no one leading the way, Rosiley did not wander too far. she only strolled around on the 32nd floor.


Those busy employees came and went. Everyone was working with high efficiency. The working environment here was completely different from that of small companies.


The more Rosiley saw, the more she admired him.


He was such a business genius. He both made his company flourish and managed his staff well. Everyone seemed so professional in TEG.


After walking for more than half an hour, Rosiley felt tired and took a seat in a nearby resting area.


Not long after she sat down, the door of the elevator nearby opened. Lane led a man walking out.


"Mr. Payton, Mr. Sachin is still in a meeting. He will finish the meeting in ten minutes,' Lane said respectfully to the man.


"Whatever. i'm not here for him. I heard that our company has recently signed some female stars. Sachin is very demanding. It

can be easy for them to win his recognition. i'm curious about them and want to have a look.”


Lane frowned and warned, "Mr. Payton, Mr. Sachin forbids you to date those female stars. lf you


is a man of principle. I worry date them. I


Paytons eyes sparkled. His attention was caught by a girl in

shirt and a skirt. Right now she was sipping her


absolutely a natural beauty, gorgeous and


Payton. But it was already


doesn't he? She must be one

and walked towards her with


"Mr. Payton. No. She's...'


stop him, but


"Hello, Miss!"




her head in surprise. She saw a man with a very handsome face. He looked unruly and outgoing. A glimmer of smile was

surprised but calmed down


look so pretty and caught my


expectantly. His smile was


While Lane was dumbfounded.


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