The convenient Bride

Chapter 33: My Husband Is More Handsome Than You


"Thank you!" Rosiley tried not to laugh. She had realized who he was, so she sat there and listened. Otherwise, she would have told him to go away.


"No, I'm telling the truth. Are you free at noon? May I take you to lunch? We can know more about each other.'


Now that Rosiley wasn't displeased, he decided to strike while the iron is hot.


"..."  Now Lane could only pray for Payton.


Rosiley laughed, "you're good at chatting up, aren't you?”


"Miss Tang, what are you talking about? It's not like I can meet a girl like you every day. I may seem like a playboy. But in fact, I'm very loyal." Payton defended his reputation seriously.


Lane rolled his eyes. Obviously, he disagreed with him.


Rosiley was amused by his serious expression, “Alright, even if you are loyal, i'm afraid I can't have lunch with you."


"Why?'' Payton was shocked.


He was handsome and was always popular among girls. He never expected that he would be rejected one day!


"Because I'll have lunch with my husband. Otherwise, he will be unhappy. What a pity!" Rosiley said, pretending to regret.


Payton got astonished, ˆYour... your husband?”


"Yes, l'm married.'


blinked and


didn't know what to


his life was that the girl he had


affair with a married woman, but he still stared


beautiful and had fair skin. Her innocence made her a fairy. Moreover, she didn't wear any ring. It was


looked at Rosiley in confusion and said, "Miss Tang,


head, "Of course not! i'm really married. And my husband is more handsome and charming than


meant it


girls' attention, Sachin was more


excitement, "Miss Tang, now l['m sure you're lying. lm not a narcissist but being honest. I've lived for over 20 years. In my lifetime, I have only met less than ten men who are more handsome


Payton was very confident

with him on that,


even more beautiful compared


still think my husband is more handsome than you. lf you don't believe me, look back.


Payton looked in the direction Rosiley


He stared


his eyes in disbelief, "You... you mean he...he... is


Rosiley smiled


got a little startled


the shoulder. "You accosted my wife as


words astonished Payton. He pointed at Sachin and then Rosiley. "you're married?' asked


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