The convenient Bride

Chapter 19: So Lucky to Have You in My Life


Rosiley finally understood what Sachin meant. With blush on her face, she was tense and couldn't move.


"You...You are making fun of mel"


With a soft pink on her cheeks, she bit her lower lip shyly, which was so charming and alluring that he couldn't help wanting to have a bite.


"lÍ you are reluctant, I will not force you." Sachin said softly and respected her decision, but still with the expectation in his



Rosiley felt his passionate staring and nervously gave a nod, ''s okay.'


With her permission, Sachin smiled and took her in arms. His warm lips suddenly approached hers.


Rosiley was startled at first but with the kiss going deeper, she started to kiss him back unconsciously. Albeit clumsy, her kiss made Sachin joyful.


lt was their second kiss. Rosiley's mind went completely blank again.


She never expected a kiss to be so aggressive, burning and crazy that she couldn't think about anything else. They didn't stop until they both were out of breath.


The next day, the news about Rorey and Yunis hit the headlines.