The convenient Bride

Chapter 18: Want to Kiss Her


Rosiley didn't realize Rorey's hate for her was deeply rooted. But even if she knew it, she would not care at all. She hated Rorey just as much. There was nobody else she hated more than her.


Rosiley left the party and was going to take a taxi to Sachin's house.


After all the hostility she had suffered tonight, the first person she thought of was Sachin.


The man looked unapproachable but could always cast away the shadow of her heart and warm her.


Rosiley was eager to leave and didn't notice a person standing not far away.


"“Rosiley!" A man called her softly.


Rosiley stopped and looked back.


A man in a black tuxedo, who stood under the streetlight, exuded the extraordinary elegance and dignity. With the soft glow falling on him, he was dazzlingly attractive.


"Sachin?" Rosiley was a little surprised to see him but she was delighted, too.


The moment she thought of him, he was here!


When she saw Sachin, she felt magically reassured. "Why are you here?” Rosiley went to him quickly.


with one hand in his


She didn't


you?” she looked up at him with the weepy eyes, like a bullied puppy begging


moment, and the next second, he nodded,


into his arms and encircled his waist


her and his strong heartbeat


held her so gently and kept caressing her hair, "Why are you so depressed after


head, "I'm not depressed. Im just tired of all


him confusedly, 'How did


head against his chest, 'Because


happened, ˆWere you at


His reply was short but made


for her. No wonder he was in the formal

you ask Zev for help?” She


to deal with them.' Sachin didn't deny it and said in


you!” Rosiley Tang


the spite from Rorey along with the misunderstanding and criticism from others. The party

a torture for her.


appearance, the insult might have been


fight, she was exhausted. But she felt better


can hurt you." Sachin pulled her back and touched her cheeks tenderly, 'If you continue confronting Rorey like this, you might get hurt. Leave it to

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