The convenient Bride

Chapter 12: How Scheming She Is


After breakfast, Rosiley dressed up and was ready to go to the company. As Sachin was about to go out, he drove her to work.


Upon arrival, Sachin said sincerely to Rosiley, 'Im afraid your family will not let you off easily. lf they make any trouble, remember to call me at any time."


"I will; thank you, Sachin."


"Compared with verbal gratitude, l prefer concrete action. Since you call my name as I like, l will spare you this time." Sachin gave a warm smile.


Hearing these words, Rosiley's face turned rosy immediately. She quickly said bye to him and trotted to the office.


She punched the clock while arriving at the office. .Just when she planned to prepare today's interview drafts, she was pulled away by Yayo!.


Yayo¡ dragged her into the bathroom, locked the door, and asked her in haste, ˆYesterday you said you moved out. What do you mean?

Did Rorey force you?”


"No, Ì wanted to move out myself." Rosiley shook her head, replying in calm.


"Do you think I will believe it2?'Yayoi scorned.


Rosiley sighed, saying “All right, actually half of it is true."