The convenient Bride

Chapter 13: What a Spoony


"Vice Manager, Rosiley and l are going to follow another piece of news this afternoon. Many people in the office are available. Why Don't you assign the work to them?” Yayoi argued for Rosiley, trying to control her anger.


"I have assigned other tasks to them. This piece of news you are following just needs one person. While the prince of the Ji Group and Rorey are in the limelight, so their engagement report can catch the public's eyes most. No matter what, we need to seize the opportunity.' Lonny crossed arms before her chest, looking arrogant.


"Then [Ïl take charge of the engagement interviewing." Yayoi requested.


"Yayoi, what are you doing? Are you dissatisfied with my arrangement?" Hearing Yayoi's objection, Lonny shouted with a fierce look.


Yayoi's face turned red as well. Just when her anger was to explode, Rosiley broke silence, saying, “All right. IIl do it!”


"Rosiley!" Yayoi stared at Rosiley in disbelief, You've gone crazy!"


"It doesn't matter, Yayoi. It's Just an interview. [II do it." Rosiley replied with a smile, but her gaze at Lonny was a bit cold.


Rosiley knew Lonny was Roreys friend. They had known each other for years. Therefore, during these years, Rosiley was often mistreated by Lonny. Thanks to Rosiley's talent and effort, she had won credit for herself. Otherwise she couldn't have made such great achievement today.


But it never occurred to her that Lonny should force her to attend the engagement party.


She was one hundred percent sure that Rorey was behind this and asked Lonny to do it for her.


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