The convenient Bride

Chapter 7: How To Celebrate Our Wedding Night


At dusk, Rosiley went off work and left the company with Yayoi. They said goodbye at the gate. But Yayoi looked at her worriedly, “Rosiley, how about living with me for a few days?” Yayoi worried about her, thinking Rosiley would have to live with Rorey. lt was highly likely that the bitch would continue making her life a living hell.


Rosiley was deeply moved by her friend's care, "Thank you, Yayoi. | believe I can handle it."


lt was just Rorey. Rosiley was not afraid of her at all.


In addition, she was about to move in with Sachin. She needed to get prepared.


"But...Yayoi was going to keep persuading, but seeing her resolute face, she knew Rosiley had made up her mind.


"OK. | respect your decision. But you need to promise me, if something happens, call me right away. Got it?”


"Will do."


"See you. Be careful."


"See you.' Rosiley turned around and was about to leave. Before she took a few steps, a luxurious Maybach came from behind her and stopped.




looking in


on the rear seat and rested his deep eyes on


car, sitting beside Sachin. She was puzzled, "You didn't


a sudden and left quickly. So she thought he had left and felt unexpected to meet him


here for you." Sachin glanced at her, seeming


Rosiely was surprised.


REG waited for


"Hmm...Why?” Rosiley asked.


how my wife would like


and relaxed, his words were tremendously


night...| have no idea. Why do


reassure his family while she just needed someone to marry. They didn't marry out of love but more likely, they wanted to find a appropriate partner to


never thought about celebrating the wedding night and she believed Sachin felt that way as


any regret on our wedding night." Sachin

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