The convenient Bride

Chapter 8: Not Intimate Enough

Misunderstood dinner for sex? The atmosphere in the car suddenly became embarrassing.

While driving, Lane held back his laughter so badly that his body even trembled a little.

But just one stare from Sachin easily prevented him from bursting out laughing and made him serious at once.

Rosileys cheeks were so red that even her fair neck was turning pink.

Sachin put on a serious look and said, "You don't have to worry. | won't take advantage of you or touch you before you are ready.”

He said this as a reassurance and a promise.

Rosiley was relieved after hearing ¡t. She glanced at Sachin gratefully, thinking for the first time that maybe marrying this man was a good choice. He was truly a gentleman, who always kept his promise.

He was different from Yunis.

Yunis could not keep his words. He promised not to touch her before marriage, but he hinted her many times to have sex with her.

Sachin was different. He was entitled to his rights but promised he wouldrit force her and was even willing to let her take her time.

After the comparison, Rosiley couldn't help feeling fortunate in her heart. It was lucky she chose to marry him.

”Thank you, Mr Lu"

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