The convenient Bride

Chapter 5: Protect Prince Charming

Yunis .Jis news shook the internet, so the Ji group quickly convened a press conference to clear things up.

At the press conference, Yunis told the reporters that the man in the picture was him, but the nightclub girl' was actually his fiancée he had never mentioned publicly before. By the way, Yunis announced his intention to get married with his fiancée in the near future on the conference.

Once his relationship went public, it created a huge ruckus instantly.

Rosiley watched silently and had mixed feelings. This man once had promised her that he would announce to the whole world one day that she was his fiancée and they would get married and live happily.

But just a few seconds ago, he announced that he would marry another woman.

Rosiley turned off the news channel on her computer, trying to block everything related to Yunis.

However, Rosiley didn't expect Yunis to take revenge to hurt her.

Not long after the press conference, Rosiley felt that her coworkers in the office looked at her in a really weird way. They seemed to feel contempt and sneer toward her.

Rosiley was puzzled at first until she heard a few female coworkers gossiping, '! told you, how could my Prince Charming hook up with a nightclub girl. It turned out that the girl was his fiancée. “

"Well, Whoever exposed the photos is too shameless, right?"

"I heard that Rosiley did this on purpose, just because she wanted to snatch her sister s fiancé.'

"Snatch her sister s ftancé? Holy shit! But she looks so innocent and kind. Such a disgusting liar. When they talked, they glanced at Rosiley at times.

Rosiley quickly understood what happened. She remembered Yunis' last threatening before he hung up, “Rosiley, you lÌ regret this!”