The convenient Bride

Chapter 4: Slander


At noon, Rosiley and Yayoi grabbed some food outside and then went back to the company.


As soon as they entered, they saw many colleagues crowding before a computer while talking fiercely.


"My God, this man is really my idol? This is just too spicy for me !”


"Apparently, they are doing some nasty things inside!"


"Yunis was too careless, right? He was caught doing this in secret and even got photographed. I'm afraid his image will be awful after this.


"Hey, Rosiley, Yayoi, come and see this. There's big news, Young master of Ji Group spent three hours with the nightclub girl in hotel'. Here, take a look...'


One of the enthusiastic colleagues waved at Rosiley and Yayoi.


Both of them were taken aback at this. They looked at each other and then hurriedly walked over.


Scandal about Yunis was all over the internet. The photos were quite clear, showing them kissing, hugging and more.


Yunis, the young master of Ji family, had always been known as a gentle and elegant noble person. Therefore, he was called Prince Charming by thousands of ladies and had a lot of fans on Twitter and other various online platforms.


"Huh? What the...' Yayoi glanced and sneered. Then she turned around and pulled Rosily away while saying, 'Lets go, we don't want to see these dirty pictures.'


Rosiley followed Yayoi back to her seat silently, feeling very uncomfortable.