The convenient Bride

Chapter 2: You Should Call Her "Mrs. Lu”


"What's the matter?" the assistant asked, standing in front of Sachin to prevent Rosiley from getting any closer.


Rosiley strode toward them, ignoring the assistants attempt to stop her. She nodded to the men and made sure her voice was clear and confident.


"I just heard you saying that Mr. Lu needs a bride. Ì need a groom. I believe we may be able to help each other."


"Excuse me?" The assistant stood there in shock, mouth hanging open slightly.


Sachin hasn't expected such a bold action from Rosiley. He looked her up with his cold eyes, measuring her potential.


The first thing he noticed was the wedding dress Rosiley was wearing and couldn't hide the bit of surprise in his eyes.


Rosiley stood there confidently, portraying an air of relaxed aloofness. On the inside, however, the nerves of being scrutinized in such a way made her want to squirm. She wasn't sure if Sachin would accept her proposal, but she wouldn't let those worries ruin her chances.


Sachin was rich and came from a prominent family. Thousands of women wanted to marry him and become his wife. Rosiley knew there wasïit a chance Sachin would marry her, but a small part dared to hope.


There was a long pause, and Rosiley struggled not to fidget. After a while, Sachin addressed her. “Aren't you already getting married?"


"Lets just say he found someone else. | heard your assistant mention your predicament and if you're struggling with whom to choose, | can be your choice. Please don't worry. | can cook and do housework. | am very caring and understanding. I will make a good wife—I will keep distance from other men, and | will never betray you. l will take good care of my husband and do what a wife should."


Rosiley winked and smiled at Sachin as she spoke, as iÍ they were having a small talk.


The assistant who stood beside them finally collected himself as he looked at her with scorn that seemed to say "Her? How ridiculous"


lt was sad that she broke up with her fiancé, but come on. She knew how crazy her idea sounded.


"Im sorry, Miss, but Mr. Lu has...' As the assistant was about to refuse her offer on behalf of Sachin, Sachin gave his assistant a look and stopped him.