The convenient Bride

Chapter 1: Let's Team Up For a Wedding


Wearing a pure white wedding dress, Rosiley Tang stood at the door of the bridal boutique. Tears sprang to her eyes as she watched the couple hugging and kissing in a luxurious car parked by the street.


Rosiley had a date with her fiancé to join her at the boutique, and they planned to meet each other there. But the scễene before her wasn't what she expected.


Her fiancé had his back to her, totally immersed in kissing the other woman. The woman smiled back at Rosiley knowingly, full of conspiracy and sarcasm, through the car window.


Rosileys knees grew weak under the weight of the wedding gown. She never suspected her fiancé was fooling around, especially not with he sister!


Rosiley gritted her teeth with annoyance and irritation. '! can1t believe how foolish | wasf'


Five minutes before, Yunis Ji sent her a message saying he couldn't wait to see her in the wedding dress. Without a second thought, Rosiley went downstairs to wait for him.


And now, there she was, wearing a wedding dress and being the punchline of a cruel joke.


In her rage, Rosiley got a clear idea of what happened. Her sister, Rorey Gu, had sent the message. She knew Rosiley would go downstairs and see everything. Rorey always was a show-off.


Rorey and her mother had schemed to take the heart of Rosiley s father, and now they were trying to take her groom-to-be too!


What made her more desperate was the betrayal from Yunis.


Yunis knew Rosiley hated Rorey, but she didn't think he would stab her in the back by standing with her sister.