The CEO’s Surrogate Wife

Chapter 912 Find John

Fanny's first reaction is to push Bruce away, but she is surprised that the moment Bruce hugs her, she is softened. She is unwilling to push him away. She has to admit that she has missed Bruce for more than ten years.

So she slowly puts her hands round Bruce tightly.

"Fanny, where have you been all these years? I've missed you so much. I've been looking for you." Bruce is unable to restrain his excitement.

Fanny is very touched. However, when she thinks of what happened ten years ago, she is disappointed. She immediately pushes him away.

"It's been so long. Don't talk about the past. Anyway, it doesn't matter to me anymore." Fanny is cool and comfortable.

Bruce, on the other hand, is puzzled. "What did you mean by that? Do you choose to forget everything that happened to us ten years ago?"

Fanny is distressed

She closes her eyes sadly. After calming down, she immediately opens them and says, "You have chosen your wife back then."

Bruce immediately knows what is going on.

Bruce looks at her affectionately and says, "Are you still angry about what happened back then? I know that I was the one who let you down, but now that she's gone, you can stay by my side. No one will take your place anymore."

Fanny shakes her head and says helplessly, "We can't go back anymore. I called you today because of our daughter."

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is living in pain now." Fanny looks at Rory, who is lying on the

follows Fanny's gaze and sees the girl lying on the bed. He

our daughter? She has grown up. Why don't you tell me earlier? She

Fanny feels very guilty.

of her,

hurriedly walks over

think it would be better for

think we need to keep a distance? You're hurting me by saying

accept that Fanny is

take good care of our daughter. She falls in love with a man, but she chooses to get hurt in order to fulfill that man. She is so sad that she rarely eats or sleeps, so she is ill and hospitalized." Fanny is helpless. In the few days when John left, Fanny threw herself at

tell me what exactly happened and what I need to do. Who made her so sad? I will find that man and teach him a lesson." Right now, Bruce only wants to seek justice for his daughter. After all, there is

John. Perhaps Rory will be happy only if she stays by his side." Fanny

he did not kill John just now. Otherwise, his daughter will probably have

thinks that young people nowadays

says, "You will help

is not your biological daughter


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